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Since 2015, Project Bound Dance has hosted The One Hour Project, an exercise in collaboration and concision that connects Chicago choreographers and videographers and invites them to shoot the footage for a 60 second dance film in just 60 minutes. 


What began as an in-house activity has steadily grown into a sought-after annual collaborative opportunity that welcomes Chicago newcomers and long-time residents alike. Over 6 years, the project has become a launch pad for various larger projects and artistic partnerships.


#the1hourproject continues to be our effort to help facilitate introductions amongst Chicago's dance and film artists while serving as a platform to promote new digital dance works, foster learning through experimentation and play, and highlight interesting spaces within the city of Chicago.




Short Stack’s goal is to celebrate bite-sized dance films that exist at the intersection of experimental artmaking and concise storytelling. 


Short Stack: Chicago’s Tiny Dance Film Festival will be open to any movement-based films that have a run time of five minutes or less. Short Stack is delighted to be partnering with the Color Club in Irving Park, a creative hub with a rich history of culture and community, where the first iteration of this festival will premiere in October of 2022.

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