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Better Without You

Director: Patriac Coakley & Cole Orloff

Cinematographer: Philip Campbell Camera

Assist: Brandon Shade

Editor: Ben Nissan

Music: Hitchens

Choreography: Danielle Gilmore in collaboration with dancers

Performers: Cheryl Cornacchione, Danielle Gilmore and Michael O’Neil

Better Without You is a dark, gritty, raw story of the emotional human connection; past relationships, A break up, job loss the feeling of being empty, enough and complete. Original score by Hitchens.

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Choreographer: Dani Oblitas

Performer: Dani Oblitas

Cinematographer/Director: Keen Zarate

Blended is a movement expression of trying to find a sense of peace in the midst of chaos.

blueMoonOne_1.4.1 - Desueno.png

Blue Moon Love

Denita Inez of Desueño Dance

Julia Marie of Desueño Dance

I’ve always been enamored with the moon. It controls the ebb and tides of the seas as a master of movement. If only I could capture its light and strength. But alas, I am but another being ebbing and flowing under its lunar strings.

Ziebart Catch up.png

Catch up to Yourself

Kate Ziebart - Performer, Editor

A one minute dance turned into a one minute duet with self. Finding ways to float, fly, fall, and freeze in the summer of separation. A moment to catch up with my body and mind.

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for life and for joy and for love, sweet love

Director choreographer and camera 1: Jason Brickman

Camera 2: Jon Krejci

Performers: MB Cornejo, Anna Creech, Lanie Riese

Inspired by the music of choral composer David Conte, this short film, shot in downtown Urbana, IL, seeks to capture the wonder and joy of open-hearted, joyful praise in face of our mortal death. The film has no sound so as to heighten the audiences awareness of the kinaesthetic emotions contained in the visual frame.

Portal3 - Lydia Feuerhelm.png


Performer/Choreographer/Editor/Musical Score: Lydia Feuerhelm-Chiu Camera work: Sandra Hickman

Special thanks to Orange Grove Dance + Sweet Briar College

What happens when we unexpectedly find ourselves somewhere new? When the same routine we've been going through lands us in unfamiliar territory? 'Portal' explores how one small moment can create seismic shifts and how one adapts amidst the uncertainty.

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Streetlight Epiphany

Director/Choreographer/Performer: Joanna Meccia

Cinematographer: Nick Meccia

Reveling in a feeling of freedom and catharsis, a woman walking through her neighborhood at night treats the streetlight as her spotlight and takes a moment to dance in the rain.

IMG_4181 - Derrick Gichaba.jpg

The Crown

Directed and filmed by Derrick "Chui" Gichaba

Starring David Stalter JR "The Crown"

David Jr., a passionate and gifted dancer, finally secures his big break, dancing at redbull world finals propelling his cereer, after 12 years of relentless dedication. However, as the world takes notice of his talent, he faces doubters who question if he truly deserves the spot he's earned. Determined to prove his worth, David Jr. embarks on a transformative journey, traveling and training to compete with the best of the best, challenging not only his craft but but his mental fortitude

The Pink Bathtub Project

pink bath2 - Lydia Jekot.PNG

Cinematography and editing by Katie Win Cook

Performance by Lydia Jekot

Choreography by Katie Win Cook and Lydia Jekot

Original music by Daniel Ruggiero Baker

Despite our immersion in a deluge of (often toxic, often contradictory) suggestions of what femininity is, we make choices about what to keep and discard as we grow, change, and develop an understanding of our upbringing and society. We try to keep what feels natural to us individually as femmes, not always knowing the origins of our traits and preferences. There is no control state for what our identity would be outside of our nurturing… yet we also have a sense for what that self is.

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Venus Fly Trap

Sean Comerford- Director/cinematographer/editor

Madeleine Klein- Dancer/choreographer

A dance with a fly

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